Kids Giant Bubble Kit



Product Highlights:

  • Pour ‘n Play
  • Makes medium-large sized bubbles
  • Ideal for ages 3+
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  • 1 Litre Giant Bubble Juice
  • Kids Wand

Random colour wand selected unless specified at checkout

The Kids Giant Bubble Kit is perfect for the little ones. This kit creates hours of fun and is a great way to get your kids outdoors. Watch them chase the magic as massive bubbles 3x their size float along with magnificent colours. You would have a hard time resisting to create some bubbles yourself!

Perfect as a birthday or Xmas gift, Xmas stocking filler, schools, kindergartens and playcentres.

Involve yourself and your family in the most magical fun you’ll ever have and create giant bubbles.

Our Professional Giant Bubble Juice and Bubble Wands

Our Giant Bubble Juice is made from specially imported bubble detergent and (rare) pantry items and our wands are made from sustainably sourced pine dowel and a specially sourced, super absorbent, acrylic yarn. All handmade in Auckland, New Zealand by a family who loves giant bubbles.

Giant Bubbles began in 2018 after witnessing the sheer joy on our kids’ faces as they chased these massive bubbles that were 3x their size. We were on a little beach in Te Awanga, Hawkes Bay and while creating these gigantic bubbles that floated forever over the water, we noticed a crowd standing awe-struck behind us. Everyone on that beach was entranced. It was magic.

A few months later, after sourcing the best ingredients we could possibly find and after experiments with countless different recipes and adjustments, I found the perfect combination and Giant Bubbles was created. It started from a single thought and the best intentions and since then, Giant Bubbles has grown into a fully-fledged, operational family business.

We’d be so thrilled to see what you have created with your Kids Bubble Wand, so check out our Facebook page and share your giant and tiny bubble pictures with us.

Giant bubbles are best created in the calm, almost still conditions. You likely won’t notice there is a breeze until you start creating giant bubbles and that the perfect time. A light to moderate breeze is ok for smaller bubbles and makes it very hard to create giant bubbles.