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Wall Planner

Custom Designed and Printed on Demand (extra 2 days for delivery)

Concentrate Giant Bubble Kits

Easily mix up Giant Bubble Juice. Create loads of amazing Giant Bubbles.

Premix Giant Bubble Kits

Ready-to-use Giant Bubble Juice – No setup or waiting, just pour ‘n play.
Premix also has better performance, meaning larger and longer lasting bubbles.

Giant Bubble Wands

Choose from two styles of wand in two sizes. Kids size if for 5 years old and below. 


Restock your magic!

Tinka Toys

Toys that contribute to the enrichment and development of imagination, creativity and skills, while providing an experience of joy and magic.


A selection of unique, self-propelled, mechanical model kits designed for self-assembly without glue and made entirely of high-grade wooden material. 


A box of Matador parts provides a universal construction system with which you can make almost anything you can imagine. 

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